FESI operations are executed with the support of the following Commissions:

Acoustic Commission

The Acoustic Commission (AC) has been formed by a group of experts from instruction, construction and industry sectors. Members of the AC may come from any FESI member nation. Recently, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary and Italy have been actively working in the AC.


This Commission understands its role as that of a mediator between scientific acoustic and standardization on the one hand, and its application and practical employment by FESI members on the other. In keeping with this pretension, the AC develops documents which may be used for both training and practical application purposes. Material data as well as useful execution and application advice complete simple calculations for the dimensioning and the effect of noise protection measures.


The Commission has been quite active for many years, first developing a European Code de Garantie for contractors, working on acoustic assignments, a thorough revision of which has just been completed, transforming the paper into an Acoustic Warranty Code. It now exactly defines the conditions that are indispensable when warranting measurable acoustic improvements as a result of measures taken by a contractor. Additionally, a series of FESI Acoustic Documents has been developed, which gives both theoretical scientific background for possible acoustic improvements in all sorts of environments and practical advice to acoustic contractors on how to execute systems for the improvement of acoustical conditions.

Chairperson: [vacant]
Secretary: [vacant]

Thermal Technical Commission

The Thermal Technical Commission (TTC) develops FESI’s Thermal Technical Documents. It is responsible for standarisation policy, information exchange with CEN, discussion of prENs with consequense for the insulation trade in Europe and recommendation of letters with a technical orientation to be written by FESI member associations to their respective representatives in the Standing Committee on Construction (SCC).

Chairperson: Gabriel Boncalo
Secretary:  Michael Kelly

Recruitment and Training Commission

The Recruitment and Training Commission (RTC) is in charge of the harmonization of the European training and recruitment policy for the insulation trade. It develops a European Program for insulation apprentices with a view to define uniform "basics skills" for all FESI member associations. Moreover, this Commission organizes and supervises the biannual European Apprentice Championships in connection with the FESI General Assembly. It has also created the Protocol regarding the Apprentice Championship.

Chairperson: Hans Koole
Secretary: Agne Rupeikaite

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