Thermal Technical DOCUMENTS

The Thermal Technical Commission (TTC) has developed the following documents:


 Capture CUI doc

Reduce CUI Risk with Good Insulation Systems


 TTC 2 Guide to Good Thermal Insulation Practice


TTC 3 Code of Practice for Carrying Out Thermal Insulation Work at Above and Below Ambient Temperature in the Temperature Range -80°C TO + 850°C.

TTC4 TTC 4 Working manual : system for measurement and recording of industrial insulation cladding 
This manual creates a system of measurement for sheet metal preparation and assembly for cladding pipes, fittings, vessels and tanks in industrial installations.
TTC5 TTC 5 Problems with associated with the warranty of specified surface temperatures 
This paper highlights the problems associated with warranting surface temperatures with theoretical calculations as the surface temperature is dependant on a number of physical parameters that cannot be calculated or estimated with the necessary degree of certainty.
TTC6 TTC 6 High profitability through ecologically based insulation thicknesses 
This paper shows that if insulation thicknesses are increased beyond the optimum ‘economic thickness’ to meet an ‘ecological’ standard, the pay back period is only marginally increased particularly on larger bore pipework.
TTC7 TTC 7 Heat insulation of refrigerated premises and buildings – technical clauses
This paper provides technical clauses that define the heat insulation works of refrigerated premises and buildings. They give instructions concerning the materials and products required and corresponding rules for installation.
TTC8 TTC 8 Principles of cold insulation 
This paper discusses the prime requirement to minimise risk of moisture entering cold insulation systems and how to achieve this by use of an efficient vapour retarder and closed cell insulation effectively bonded together.
TTC9 TTC 9 Prevention of corrosion on insulation cladding  
This paper explains the nature of and mechanism for metal corrosion. It considers the relative corrosion risks for the various metal traditionally used for insulation claddings and their fixings and considers strategies to minimise corrosion.
TTC10 TTC 10 Corrosion under insulation: Problems and solutions
This paper considers the factors that can cause the corrosion under insulation that can lurk undetected with disastrous consequences. It explains separately how the designer and the insulation contractor can play their part in preventing this. It goes on to give practical guidance for effective insulation work and finally provides pointers to what the operator should consider to control deterioration of the insulation system.
TTC11 TTC 11 Problems of thermal stress in metal reinforcements of large dimensional objects with elevated service temperatures 
This paper explains the problems caused by the reinforcing stiffeners required on hot large dimensioned ducts particularly found in power stations. The temperature differentials between the inner and outer edges of the stiffeners can lead to cracking of welded seams. It explains the considerations needed to calculate the appropriate insulation thickness to maintain the maximum admissible temperature differentials.
TTC12 TTC 12 Design of cold insulation to prevent formation of condensation 
The most frequent reason for cold insulation is to prevent condensation on the insulation cladding surface. The paper provides a checklist of the information needed to design effective cold insulation systems whether provided by client or contractor.
TTC131 TTC 13 Preventive fire protection in buildings
Part 1 - Insulation works / executive directions
Part 2 - Guidelines for executions

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